Ted’s Platform

Judges shouldn’t accept campaign contributions.

Judges shouldn’t be Republicans or Democrats.

Dear Voters,

Our Texas judicial system is broken. There are two reasons.

First, we elect judges who identify as Republicans or Democrats. This creates a perception that our judges are biased.

Like baseball umpires, judges are expected to be impartial. They are supposed to call balls and strikes without regard for who wins. Can you imagine a baseball game in which the umpires identify with one of the teams? Astro umpires. Yankee umpires. Dodger umpires. How ridiculous! We wouldn’t stand for it! Yet, this is exactly what happens with our judges.

Second, judges accept contributions to fund their campaigns. This includes big donations from lawyers who appear before them. It’s a bad look. The perception is that the money affects the judges’ decisions.

We need confidence in in our courts. I’m believed to be the first Independent candidate to run for the First Court of Appeals in its 130-year history. And I steadfastly refuse to take money from anyone.

 I humbly ask for your vote.

Ted Wood

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